Your Scrap Metal Professionals

Tri-Steel Salvage is a scrap metal recycling facility located in Whitecourt, Alberta. 

We provides comprehensive scrap metal recycling, site clean up and bin rental services to the Whitecourt community and surrounding areas.


Tri-Steel Salvage’s non-ferrous metal buying program provides a way for customers to sell their non-ferrous metals for cash. The program is designed to be fast and convenient, allowing customers to turn their non-ferrous metals into cash quickly


When customers bring in their ferrous metals to the Tri-Steel Salvage facility, the metals are weighed and assessed for quality. We provide competitive pricing based on the current market rates and the weight and quality of the metals being sold.

The program not only provides a way to dispose of ferrous metals in an environmentally responsible way but also allows customers to earn cash for their unwanted metals.


Tri-Steel Salvage’s scrap vehicle buying program provides customers with a convenient and hassle-free way to dispose of their motorized vessels, including cars, trucks, boats, and more. The program is open to all types and sizes of motorized vessels, and the company will even pay for them.

Tri-Steel Salvage’s scrap vehicle buying program is designed to be fast and easy. The company provides a simple process for customers to sell their scrap vehicles and earn cash.


Tri-Steel Salvage’s lugger bin services offer customers a simple and convenient way to dispose of large quantities of scrap metal.

 The company provides lugger bins that are located throughout Whitecourt and the surrounding areas, allowing customers to easily access them for their scrap metal disposal needs.


Our site clean-up services are designed to remove any unwanted materials from your yard.

We offer competitive payment per ton, based on the size of the job. Contact us today to schedule your site clean-up and experience the benefits of a clutter-free worksite.